《室生山上公園芸術の森》 ダニ・カラヴァン(奈良県)

1998-2006 全体:8 x 120 x 800 m 撮影:堀越啓





Murou Art Forest  / Dani Karavan

Spatial Design Consultant, the former company of SD & ART, planned and produced this sculpture park.

Israel sculptor Mr.Dani Karavan made this whole park as a SCULPTURE.

The park was originally planned solely for the purpose of preventing land slide.

The park is well known by the photographers.


Murou Art Forest, 1998-2006
Murou, Nara Prefecture, Japan
Sunlight, water, vegetation, rice fields, bamboo, cedar trees, cherry trees, stone, Corten steel, colored concrete, glass, singing birds
Dimensions: 8 x 120 x 800 m





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